16.-Los Colores naturales influyen sobre el Alma

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Kit composed of: two Cushion Covers plus a Gift Brooch.

Unique piece, composed of one side of wool loom fabric and the other side of cotton canvas with a zipper on one side.

In our fabric collection we have been inspired by the landscape where we live.
The colors of its roads, vegetation, towns and beaches. All this was a great contribution to carry them out.
We hope that in each of them you can take a little piece of our wonderful island.

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Details and care

  • 100% Cotton and Wool
  • Hand wash with cold water and use neutral soap.
  • Dry flat with the fabric extended on a towel.

Note: The possible imperfections or irregularities derived from a manual weaving are part of the originality of the same, and are the result of the manual treatments to which they have been submitted in order to obtain a unique handmade product.

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